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Q. From Carmel: Can charts and reports be printed from
A. Brad: Hi Carmen, Yes they can, but with limited options. When ever I need to do more elaborate printing or charts I use Family Tree Maker – but all the genealogical software products are pretty good: Rex Toomey makes a decent local product

Q. From Maree: Can you search the electoral rolls by address so you can see all the people staying in the one house?
A. Brad: Hi Maree, you can’t search the electoral rolls by address. It would have cost about twice as much to index the address as well. The Sands Directory (NSW) is searchable by address though and we’ll probably make other directories searchable by address once we acquire them.
A. IHM: Here’s the link to Sands Directories: Sydney and New South Wales, Australia, 1858-1933 ::

Q. From Erica: I have found a family in the census and when I click through to the original document the record does not match the transcript. I have reported this. Do I just have to wait until it is repaired?
A. Brad: Hi Erica, This happens occasionally. There is a way around it. You can take down all the information from the record view and then choose the ‘browse’ option to go through the Census by location (much as one would do if they were on microfilm). It is a slow process but it’s a bit faster than waiting for us to update orphaned images.
A. Erica: That is fantastic. I have looked around to no avail but with that tip it should make it easier. This is a tricky family in Wales that dispersed after their mother’s death with one coming here so it would help with the time line and how he became a tailor.
A. Brad: You might want to see if there’s any guild records for Tailors. The local parish archive might have them. It could take a bit of research but you might get lucky.
A. Erica: Thanks so much. Will give it a try.
A. Erica: Found, fixed and solved! Yay!

Q. From Amanda: Still eagerly awaiting the updated Tasmania electoral records?
A. Brad: Hi Amanda, we’ll be adding about 20 million more records to the electoral rolls in the lead up to the Federal Election. This will include what’s missing in Tassie as well as NSW.

Q. From Alison: Brad, how often does the Library Edition of get updated, please?
A. Brad: Hi Alison, the Library Edition gets updated at the same time as the rest of the site – when something’s made available on the personal site it’s available at the library.

Q. From IHM: Please join me in thanking Brad Argent for his time and help! One last question from us Brad, what do you have in the pipeline that we should be excited about? I’m sure there’s something!
A. Brad: It’s been fun as always! We just released about 5 million records for NZ – City directories – that are indexed by name and address (like the Sands in NSW). We’ve got more NZ stuff coming – I’m not giving anything away, but it will be very cool. There’s a heap of stuff in the pipeline for NSW (Deceased Estates, Teachers Rolls…) and some Rate Books for Perth. Fingers crossed we’ll have some very exciting stuff to talk about on Australia Day next year. We’re spending 100 million dollars on content globally over the next five years so there’s bound to be lots of new stuff coming down the pipeline!
A. IHM: Brilliant, lots to look forward to! We’re especially excited about the extra 20 million electoral roll records in the lead up the federal election!
A. Brad: I’ve been waiting too long for those!
A. Denise: Thanks Brad Argent, informative as always.

Q. From Gary: Why does Ancestry store corrupted duplicates?
A. Gary: Guess no help – just like the last time when you said you would drop an message with your email regarding family lost and your offer to help – never happened.
A. Brad: Hi Gary. I’ve sent you a message with my email address. Can you tell more more about these ‘corrupted duplicates’?
A. Brad:  Sorry about missing your question. Facebook has been doing some strange things tonight.
A. IHM: Thanks Gary,  Facebook has been playing tricks tonight. I’m sure Brad will be able to help you!

Comment: Alison: Earlier Qs from before the session commenced seem not to have migrated across.
A. IHM: Thanks Alison, we did get to Maree’s and Amanda’s questions, and kindly Brad has agreed to take your French records question offline – stay tuned for an answer.
A. Alison: Many thanks!
A. Brad: I’ve sent you a message Alison.
A. Alison: Thank you very much Brad Argent. Much appreciated.

Q. From Michelle: Have been out buying Easter eggs…have a question for Brad. When are the electoral rolls on Ancestry going to be completed?
A. IHM: Chocolate comes first Michelle! Brad mentioned that another 20 million electoral records would be loaded in the lead up to the federal election in September.

Questions asked before the session:

Q. From Tracey: Please forgive my ignorance but what is Ireland’s Morpeth Roll?
A. IHM: Hi Tracey, here’s a little more info from ::
A. IHM: Another record update – over 522,000 Wiltshire Marriage records 1538-1837. Plus Wiltshire Quaker Births 1636-1837 and Deaths, 1542-1897 ::

Q. From Alison: What tips can Brad give to work through brick walls with French records? I’m trying to trace birth records and death records in Amiens (which was heavily bombed WW2). This is part of a Lost Diggers Project. Further details below.
Birth: Any children of Captain Harry Hartley who wed Frenchwoman Simone Marie Pécourt on 5 January 1918, Eglise Saint-Firmin, Vignacourt, who lived in Amiens. Think there may be a son Sergeant Jean Guillaume HARTLEY born 27 August (Aout) 1924 – Amiens (Somme) who served as 1st class mechanic from 14 Novembre 1942 with “Ile de France” squadron of Free French airforce in Britain.
Death: Death certificate for Harry HARTLEY born 1889 Gurnard, Cowes, Isle of Wight (son of William HARTLEY and Elizabeth CUTTS) d 1940 Amiens, France, buried Vignacourt
A. Brad: I’ve sent you a message Alison.
A. Alison: Thank you very much Brad Argent. Much appreciated.

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