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Australia’s Community Heritage website launched by National Trust

The National Trust is excited to announce the launch of Australia’s Community Heritage.

This free site enables users to share their own stories and experiences of Australia’s distinctive heritage, spanning all aspects of Australian history from the nationally renowned to the little-known.

Content on Australia’s Community Heritage ranges from family history, local history, Indigenous history, and biography through to stories and anecdotes about community groups, heritage listed places, and historic events that shaped Australia. Contributors to the website can upload text, images, multimedia and links.

It is hoped that the website will provide not only a platform for contributors to share their stories, but also an educational resource to help them learn more about Australian heritage and communities.

Alix Hill, a National Trust spokesperson for Australia’s Community Heritage, was excited by the website’s potential to capture Australian stories in all their diversity.

“We want to collect and share all kinds of stories,” Alix said. “We don’t want the fascinating and unique stories of Australia’s heritage to be forgotten.”

The Hon Mark Butler MP, Australian Government Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Water, said the website is a unique offering accessible by all.

“For the first time, this website creates a national portal dedicated to heritage information and stories, whether it is about historic sites, important cultural stories, or places of natural beauty that make up our local communities,” he said.

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Click to register and share your stories
Click to register and share your stories

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Source: National Trust press release from July 2013

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