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Meet the findmypast and Eneclann Q&A team

Two experts – Cliona Weldon and Aoife O Connor from – are answering your questions on Irish genealogy and breaking down your Irish family history brickwalls over the next week on the Inside History Magazine Facebook page, with Fiona Fitzsimons [Eneclann] and Myko Clelland [findmypast UK] joining us for a 2 hour extended Q&A on Thursday, 22nd August.

When: QLD-NSW-ACT-VIC-TAS: 7:30-9:30pm AEST | NT-SA: 7:00-9:00pm | WA: 5:30-7:30pm WST

After the special extended Q&A with Eneclann, the experts from will be joining us each day to answer your questions until Thursday, 29th August!

Simply ask your questions in a comment below or post them on our Facebook wall with hashtag #ihmqanda or email us with any photos and personal details on experts[at] and the Irish experts will do their best to breakdown your family history brickwalls!

More on Eneclann, and the Q&A team:
Findmypast Ireland was set up by two experts in the field of family history: Eneclann, an award-winning research and publishing house with extensive experience in family history in Ireland, and findmypast, a leading family history website, initially launched in the UK. Together, they help you to understand your Irish heritage and make amazing discoveries about your ancestors.

Fiona Fitzsimons:
Fiona is a Director of Eneclann, a Trinity College Campus Company, and also of findmypast Ireland. In the field of family history, Fiona has built her reputation internationally as the Irish researcher for Who Do You Think You Are, Faces of America and Finding Our Roots. Fiona’s reputation as a genealogist is such that in April 2013 she was commissioned by the Gathering to present Tom Cruise with his Irish family history; and in June 2013 she was personally invited by the White House to give a private presentation in Trinity College to Michelle Obama and her daughters on the President’s Irish family history.

Cliona Weldon:
Cliona Weldon joined as General Manager in 2011. She spent several years in the ICT industry working as a Senior Bid Manager before moving into the not-for-profit sector in 2006. She comes from at least seven generations of Dubliners courtesy of her father, with Scottish connections on her mother’s side.

Aoife O Connor:
Aoife O Connor is a Product Executive at and the author of Small Lives: Photographs of Irish Childhood 1860-1970. Her main research interests are in the minutiae of every-day life (work, pastimes, food & clothing) and the experiences of immigrant Irish abroad. Her family hails from Wexford and Dublin city and rejoice in the extremely common names of O Connor and Murray. On her maternal line she has traced the Lovely family to the late eighteenth century.

Myko Clelland:
Myko Clelland is from everywhere. Sort of spread like some kind of unfathomable history jam from the Scottish Lowlands to Sicily and with light toasted flakes of North Africa, Cornwall and elsewhere. He’s been the voice of findmypast UK‘s social media presence for the past two years and never one to shy away from a record that brings life to the names and dates in a family tree.


Eneclann – family history experts in Ireland since 1998:
Eneclann has spent over a decade researching, digitising and publishing family history records in the island of Ireland. Their deep expertise in the records and archives available is second to none, and they have extensive expertise in making hard-to-find records come to life online.

Findmypast – the UK’s family history pioneers:
Findmypast was the first website in the world to put the UK’s England & Wales birth, marriage and death records online in 2003, and has since made hundreds of millions of family history records available online to customers around the world. Now part of brightsolid online publishing, which also owns and operates a number of other leading family history websites including GenesReunited, they have years of experience in operating family history websites that help make your family history easier, and managing hundreds of millions of records online.

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