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New series of Who Do You Think You Are? premieres tonight! + Inside History chats to this series’ celebs

In exciting news for family historians around the country, the much-loved SBS show Who Do You Think You Are? returns to our screens tonight at 7:30pm with the premiere of series 6!

This series features a diverse line-up of Aussie celebrities including actors Richard Roxburgh, Jacki Weaver, Rebecca Gibney, and Lisa McCune, author Andrew Denton, TV and radio presenter Amanda Keller, comedian Paul McDermott, and AFL star and Australian of the Year, Adam Goodes.

Tonight’s episode delves into the family history of Andrew Denton.

Plus, Who Do You Think You Are? devotees can venture behind the scenes of the hit show in the latest issue of Inside History. 

Our editor Cassie Mercer chats to two of the celebrities featured in this season to learn about their family history mysteries, their experiences on set, and their efforts to restore and remember their ancestors even after the cameras stopped rolling.

Paul McDermott lets us in on his family’s plans to honour the graves of two forebears he uncovered on the show: his mother’s biological parents.

“They were in the West Adelaide Cemetery, so just a stone’s throw from where we lived, McDermott says. We must have driven past it 100 times. But we never 
knew that they were there.”

All images courtesy SBS.
All images courtesy SBS.

Meanwhile, Lisa McCune reveals what it was like to be on the show – fulfilling every family historian’s dream!

“It’s such a fascinating experience,” McCune says. “Every day for three weeks, you’d have something new come up — every day there’d be a surprise or a new clue or  something. And I loved that.”

Click here for some more behind-the-scenes insights in the latest Inside History magazine, issue 23.

And don’t forget to tune in to SBS ONE tonight at 7:30pm for the premiere episode of the new series of Who Do You Think You Are?

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