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UNESCO World heritage-listed Hyde Park Barracks reopens

Located in the historic heart of Sydney, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Hyde Park Barracks is a must-visit destination for all ages. More than 200 years old and a site of exceptional significance, this fascinating building holds the key to understanding the convict origins of colonial Australia, its impact on Aboriginal nations, and the shelter and care of immigrant and destitute women.

Today, the barracks provides an extraordinary new way to experience history. Layered with cutting-edge innovation throughout, the museum redefines the heritage experience, bringing Sydney’s past to life more authentically than ever before.

The new visitor experience has a big story to tell. The Hyde Park Barracks opened in 1819 as basic accommodation for male convicts working in Sydney, and a decade later became the centre of convict administration. The systems of labour and punishment it controlled became increasingly harsh and cruel, and the colony’s expansion, fuelled by the labour of convicts and ex-convicts, inflicted violence, dispossession and loss on Aboriginal nations.

When convict transportation to NSW ended, the government found a new role for the building. Between 1848 and 1887 it operated as an immigration depot, offering short-term lodging for female immigrants. From 1862 it also served as an asylum for poor, sick and homeless women.

The building left a mark on the thousands of people held, punished and sheltered here. It also contributed to a much larger story, of the restless expansion of a land-hungry colony, the complex impacts this had on Aboriginal communities, and the colony’s reliance on immigration and the provision of public charity.

Using groundbreaking interactive audio technology, you’ll follow in the footsteps of the real people whose lives were touched by this place. Stand where they stood. Listen to their stories. Feel their defiance, awe and hope. With immersive activations, this is not simply a walk through history. It’s living it.

It’s also the chance to discover one of Australia’s most important archaeological collections. Around 100,000 people passed through the Hyde Park Barracks between 1819 and 1887. As they went about their daily, and nightly, routines – mending or making clothes, writing letters, reading newspapers and books, smoking, eating, drinking or gambling – the barracks itself became a giant collector of ordinary things discarded, lost or stashed away.

The new visitor experience displays over 4000 original artefacts providing visitors with a direct link to items worn, touched and treasured by past residents – including an intact convict shirt and leather shoe. As some of the world’s few remaining examples, it’s a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with Australia’s past.

Home to Australia’s convict and colonial history, Hyde Park Barracks is a must-see Sydney destination. Today, its innovative next chapter will take you where no history book could ever go.

The Hyde Park Barracks is open daily 10am-5pm. Book your tickets online at

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