Birthday surprise from Gould Genealogy

If you are interested in history, you love the stories that are hidden in its depths. You love to look back over the centuries and you love the feeling when you discover old secrets, intriguing dramas, and new connections.

As historians, we like to get inside the minds of our ancestors and explore what life must have been like for them. How did they live? What influenced them? What difficult decisions did they have to make?

Yet, some of the most fascinating stories are found within our own families. And why not? We trust family more than anyone else. We turn to family when we need support, and we experience life’s most important occasions with them. Family life was the heart of society for countless generations. So much so, that many, many people worked together in the family business. Trades and skills were passed down from generation to generation, as children received the business from their parents—many which continue on today.

Gould Genealogy is one such family business.  You may not have heard of them before but, they’re one of Australia’s hidden gems and a treasure chest full of genealogical resources. Located right here in Australia, they supply family historians with books, software and other useful products to help you discover those stories.

And talking about important occasions—this month they are celebrating their 44th birthday! Usually at birthdays the host gets given the presents … but not this time. 

During September, Gould Genealogy is inviting historians to come and celebrate with them. For the whole month they have special offers, discounts and a huge giveaway!

In total they have almost $5000 worth of giveaways. These include vouchers, subscriptions, Historic data on USBs, archival storage products, jewellery and genealogy software.

So, join the party and checkout their website this month. Be sure to subscribe to their newsletter to stay a part of the fun!

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