Sneak peek: Dead by Friday – how lust and greed led to murder in the suburbs

Thanks to our friends at Wakefield Press, here is a sneak peek into Dead by Friday – how lust and greed led to murder in the suburbs, written by Derek Pedley.

Corey Bayliss stopped in his tracks. The young mechanic had been about to pluck mail from the letterbox at the front of the home he shared with his mother in Oakden, in Adelaide’s north-eastern suburbs, when the car parked across the road caught his eye – he immediately recognised it’s the company car of his former boss: Beaurepairs Regional Manager Kevin Matthews.

Matthews had recruited Corey, who was 25, as Assistant Manager at City Discount Tyres in Norwood. But just a few weeks earlier, in December 2000, Corey had been forced to quit because of injuries he had suffered in a car crash. Corey assumed Matthews, whose office was only a few streets away in Windsor Gardens, must be looking for him, but had no idea why.

‘Kevin?’ he called out.

The metallic-grey Ford Falcon, with a distinctive blue and white JMJ sticker on the back window, was empty and no one was nearby. Curious, he went back inside and up to his mother’s bedroom, to peer out the window to the expansive view of Roy Amer Reserve, where the car was parked.

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