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Traces for the kids

Below is an article by Tom McGay for our Traces for kids feature.

Getting kids to learn history isn’t easy, but some historic attractions make that learning fun and a great family day out. Victoria has its fair share of historic sites, so below are three that are perfect to take your kids to!

The Old Melbourne Gaol 

When I was just a kid and still to this day, nothing could get more interesting than visiting an old gaol. I mean with the rusted cells that used to be home to some of Australia’s toughest convicts, to the preserved olden day gaol equipment, it’s the beauty of history in full force! With a small price to pay for entry, it’s a day out that will last and not hurt your pockets!

Sovereign Hill

If you could describe Sovereign Hill in a few words it would be a complete embodiment of the gold rush. Sovereign Hill is just like no other, I mean with gold rivers and raspberry drops it’s a total kid’s happy place. Really one of the best parts of Sovereign Hill is the fact that aside from the day out , there is a lot of subtle learning going on that teaches valuable historic knowledge. It doesn’t get closer to the real thing then Sovereign Hill, so get planning your day out!

Museum Of Chinese Australian History 

Chinese culture is one of the richest and most beautiful cultures in the world and the Museum Of Chinese Australian History does not shy away from showcasing it. With over 8,000 Australian Chinese artefacts from 200+ years of heritage, it’s jam-packed with history. With the vibrant artwork, eye-catching dragons, and astonishing artefacts, I don’t see how a day trip down could be boring. With lots of learning involved, it’s the perfect day out for a family.  

Be sure to get your kids down to one of these historic sites and have fun learning Australian history!

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