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A long history of protest

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Protest Melbourne, a new free exhibition at the Old Treasury Building in Melbourne, explores the many times Melburnians have taken to the streets to have their voices heard!

Melbourne has a long history of protest, dating back to the 1840s. The first protests were about political rights, first for men, then for women, and, shamefully much later, for First Nations people. Workers were also among the first protestors, and in 1856 Melbourne stonemasons first won the right to an eight-hour working day.

This visual exhibition displays some of the largest protests ever held in Australia, with many images from the 1970s to present day! International Women’s Day and the Vietnam moratorium marches were defining moments for the baby-boomer generation – were you, or your family there? Can you spot anyone you know?

Discover the causes and issues that Melbourne holds important in this exciting exhibition.

Protest Melbourne is on permanent display.

Image courtesy of National Library of Australia

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