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Travel with ASA Cultural Tours: over 40 years of innovation and excellence

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Join an ASA cultural tour for a fresh vision of the world. Learn about places you have always longed to visit or see your favourites with new eyes. Feed your imagination with new sights and knowledge, and delight in the company of like-minded travellers.

  • Broaden your understanding of human history in all its fascinating and colourful diversity on a small group ASA Cultural Tour.
  • ASA’s enthusiastic, expert lecturers will bring alive for you the monuments and sites included in the itinerary. They, and expert local guides, will provide comprehensive background talks and onsite commentaries, enriching your travel and cultural experience with well-researched, carefully crafted itineraries. 
  • ASA provides unique experiences not available to all travellers – access to private homes and palaces, international experts, behind-the-scenes visits to museums, libraries, studios and archives. You will enjoy festivals, theatre performances, amazing dining experiences and other memorable highlights.

All ASA tours reflect a belief that learning is as much an act of imagination and experience as a garnering of information, based on the assumption that an intimate relationship exists between geography, history, and culture. The physical experience of different landscapes, environments and communities that generate an abundance of colours, sounds and scents is the first step to understanding different cultures and enjoying these diverse places.

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