Author Q&A :: The Making of Australia by David Hill

David Hill’s latest offering The Making of Australia, tells the story of Australia’s remarkable development from a struggling convict settlement to a flourishing nation after 1901, through the experiences of the key players in our nation’s history. Hill is currently an honorary associate at the University of Sydney’s departments of archaeology and classics and a visiting … Read on

Author Q&A :: Meredith Burgmann & Wendy Bacon on Dirty Secrets: Our ASIO Files

From time to time, we’ll be talking to great Australian authors about what inspired them to start researching and writing their stories. Here, we look at mid-20th century politics, activism and government surveillance in our chat with Meredith Burgmann and Wendy Bacon on their new book, Dirty Secrets: Our ASIO Files. Meredith Burgmann, who both edited … Read on

The infamous HMAS Sydney/Emden battle of 1914 :: We talk to Mike Carlton

What if things had turned out differently for Mike Carlton and he had become a naval officer instead of a journalist and author? It’s something he still wonders about as he tells Paula Grunseit during a conversation on all things naval history – plus his latest book, First Victory: 1914 – HMAS Sydney‘s hunt for the German … Read on

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