Martha Rendell: Perth’s evil stepmother

This is the story of aconvicted child killer and theonly woman to be hanged in Western Australia. As is often the case, our tale begins with an affair. Thomas Nicholls Morris and his wife, Sarah, had what she described as an unhappy and quarrelsome marriage, with Thomas having ‘kept’ a mistress, Martha Rendell. Looking for a … Read on

A journey back in time to Norfolk Island

Norfolk is a history-lover’s heaven. Traces takes a look back on Consulting Editor Eden Cox’s journey to Norfolk Island. As we boarded the Air New Zealand flight to Norfolk Island on a Friday morning, my partner and I chatted about Marcus Clarke’s fictional convict classic, For the Term of His Natural Life. In it, Clarke … Read on

Melbourne’s Little Lon

Right from the start, Little Lon was considered a place that respectable people should avoid. The stereotype was that the residents were all miscreants, scratching out crude livings in brothels, opium dens and sly grog houses. But six large-scale archaeological excavations over the past 30 years – including two in 2017 – have revealed through … Read on

How do I know a building’s period

There are quite a few indicators of the period of a building. In Australia, Georgian, Victorian, Federation/Edwardian and Inter-war houses can be differentiated by their facades, roof-lines, windows, building materials, veranda designs, timber joinery and so on. Some buildings have features of the preceding or following period, as there was often a gradual transition from, … Read on

Traces for the kids

Below is an article by Tom McGay for our Traces for kids feature. Getting kids to learn history isn’t easy, but some historic attractions make that learning fun and a great family day out. Victoria has its fair share of historic sites, so below are three that are perfect to take your kids to! The Old Melbourne … Read on

The oldest pub on the Australian mainland

Built in 1815, Macquarie Arms was first built by Richard Fitzgerald in Thompson Square. He was given this allotment by Governor Lachlan Macquarie – this was given on the condition that Fitzgerald would build an inn at least two stories tall. This wasn’t just a kind gift – this would spare the government the cost … Read on

Blazing a trail

Since the settlement of this land in 1788, the traditional owners of this land have faced brutal oppression, violence and displacement. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have pushed back, shaping Australian history over the years with their strength, perseverance and defiance. These women are also responsible for educating future generations and advocating for Aboriginal … Read on

Sneak peek: Road Rage

Thanks to our friends at Wakefield Press, here is a sneak peek into: Road Rage, written by Fred Guilhaus. The Crash I am sitting in a cycling peloton of five people. Rachel is the lone woman and more than holds her own in front of me. She’s formidable. The others are behind as I wait … Read on

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