Our grandparents’ footsteps in Ukraine

By Elisa and Anna Jakymin Several years ago, when we reached out to a Ukraine-based genealogist to track down our long-lost family, we could never have imagined where the journey would take us, and we wrote about it in an earlier blog post. To think that we would have the fortune of meeting relatives in … Read on

A short history of Ukraine

By Elisa and Anna Jakymin ‘It’s Ukraine, not The Ukraine.’ Following the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine’s declaration of independence in 1991 marked a turning point in a centuries-long and turbulent history fought for by our forefathers. Given that the prefix was used by Soviet Russians to refer to Ukraine as one of its own, … Read on

How to preserve your family’s historical documents

Researching one’s family history can be an eye opening and invigorating journey of discovery; however, it can be daunting not knowing what to do with the documents and photographs you come across. While most documents will deteriorate at some point, there are ways that you can slow down the deterioration and preserve the memories of … Read on

A brief history of the Daylesford Convent

Regional Victoria is home to many historical buildings and located in Daylesford’s Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens is The Convent, dating all the way back to the gold rush in the 1860s. Exhibiting eight individual galleries, featuring a host of artists (local, national and international) every eight weeks, The Convent also homes a museum on the … Read on

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