Letter from James Ellis Green, mayor of Youghal, enclosing threatening notice from ‘Captain Rock’

Letter from James Ellis Green, Youghal, County Cork, mayor of Youghal, to Charles Grant, Chief Secretary, Dublin Castle, 10 December 1821, enclosing a threatening notice, nailed to the front of Youghal post office. Notice is from ‘Captain Rock’, warning the gentry of Youghal to, ‘have your arms Redy [sic] for us for we do intend to pay you a Vised [Visit] in short time for we are worn of [sic] our feet and we Do intend to fight for our Liberty. Concludes with the message, ‘God Save Captain rock And hang the King’ [December 1821].
Image courtesy of National Archives of Ireland, CSO/RP/1820/1041

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